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This is a web-reprint of a review that appeared in the Irish Gazette of our second album.


On their website, this Twin Cities-based pub staple calls their metier "Irish music with twang," and that’s about as apt a description as any. This second disc from the quintet — Tim Flynn, Kevin Galligan, Mark Bortscheller, Kevin O'Brien, "Smokin’" Joe Defoe and David Russell — is a pleasant enough bit a whimsy that makes nice company with a jar of Guinness or Jameson’s.

Comprising mostly traditional tunes and songs, and one original by Defoe that fits in the mix perfectly, the band is particularly notable for the sterling vocal harmonies that emanate from the speakers; the instrumental interplay is equal to any around, and they’re not shy about throwing in a curve — say the speedy harmonica workout on “The Little Beggerman” or the trumpet solo version of “Danny Boy” (these guys know about the 27th Lancers?). There also is a nice couple of covers of Van Morrison’s “Sweet Thing” and Ralph McTell’s “Streets of London.”

If not essential, this set certainly is pleasant. It will fit quite nicely on the iPod in your “Irish Music” folder; hit “shuffle” and these tunes will easily find their place. And find them holding forth at St. Paul’s Dubliner Pub at University and Vandalia on Dec. 16 with a “festive” holiday show.

— Jim Tarbox

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